Articles of the Sessan Cup


The Sessan Cup is a challenge cup, which originally was granted by Sessan Line Sweden. The Sessan Cup was sailed in Sweden between cities among the Swedish West Coast. From the year 1976 it was an international cup among folkboat teams/clubs.

1.The Sessan Cup

a) The NFIA administer the articles of the Sessan Cup and co-ordinates and select venues for the Sessan Cup.

b) The race is a friendly team-race. Each team consists of two boats.

c) The regatta will take place every second year in Gennany, Sweden, United Kingdom or Denmark and shall be organised by a Yacht Club approved by NFIA. If requested, the regatta can be arranged in other countries, who have actively participated, if approved by NFIA.

d) The races shall take place at a week-end.


a) The teams shall be selected and entered by the respective National Folkboat Association.

b) The teams may represent a nation, a Folkboat Association fleet or a town. It is possible to enter mixed teams from different nations, fleets or towns.

c) The race is sailed in boats which are available for the teams. The boats are provided by organising club.

d) Each boat will be sailed by two members and the boat owner, or a representative of the boat owner

e) The organising club shall stipulate whether or not sails will be provided..

f) There shall be a draw of the boats. A registered helmsman can not sail his own boat. In this case the draw shall be repeated.

Sailing instructions:
a) The regatta will be governed by the articles for the Sessan Cup, the ISAF Rules, the prescriptions of the national authority, The Nordic Folkboat class rules and the sailing instructions from the organising yacht club.
b) The ISAF -Team racing Rules shall not be in force. The race is sailed as fleet races.

4. Races:
There shall be scheduled at least 3 races and at least two races must be completed.

5. The course:

The races are to be sailed on a “windward/leeward course”.

6.  Scoring:
The low-point scoring system is to be used. Scoring will be made by teams (2 boats). The team with the lowest total amount of points shall be the winner of the regatta.

7. The winners shall hold the trophy until the next event at which they are responsible for returning it to the organising club in a good and clean condition. And shall be responsible for insuring it whilst I their keeping.