Swedish Championship and an Invitation to Bohuslän

Invitation to Bohuslän

Very welcome to participate in Folkboat activities in Bohuslän 13–21 August 2021! All Folkboat sailors get a unique opportunity to, during a bit more than week, experience fleet racing, a squadron cruise in the archipelago and finish with the Tjörn Runt.

#1 Folkboat Swedish Championship 13–15 August in Stenungsund
We will sail on the Hake fjord southwest off Stenungsund and the race area is close to the docks. The regatta will be hosted by Stenungsunds Segelsällskap (StSS). Stenungsund is a modern town with everything a Folkboat sailor needs in terms of amenities and shops.

More information will be posted at: https://www.sailarena.com/sv/se/club/stss/sm-folkbat-och-riksmasterskap-iod-2021/

#2 Squadron cruise in Bohuslän 16–20 August
We will get a unique chance to visit several gems in middle Bohuslän. We will sail in a squadron of about 10–15 boats led by the Swedish Folkboat Association chair Rolf Uppström. Rolf has sailed around his Bohuslän since he was a child and knows all possible and impossible places a Folkboat may sail. An opportunity to live camper life and really experience why the Folkboat is a roomy long-distance traveller (or at least was 79 years ago).

E-mail Rolf to join the cruise, rolf.upp@gmail.com

#3 Tjörn Runt Saturday 21 August
Tjörn Runt, an August classic, is a distance race around the island Tjörn. The start is located outside Stenungsund and the finish is on the Stig fjord. The race is hosted by StSS and has been held since 1963. It’s one of Sweden’s biggest races with more than 200 boats. The race uses the handicap system SRS and class Folkboats may entry with the class rating. If we are 10 boats or more, we will constitute a division. The course presents alternating big bodies of water and many small passages giving the sailor possibilities to choose different strategies.

More information and registration for Tjörn Runt is available at StSS,

Svenska Folkbåtsförbundet